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Don’t be fooled by the price tag!! Hiring a…

So I have found myself in many situations lately where this subject has come up, whether it be a fellow tog feeling under valued because someone has brought a nice shiny camera and come along not knowing a thing –  under cutting everyone in the business, or a customer who has been unhappy with the price they paid for a photographer a few years ago just to find the final product dull and not worth the price, whichever reason….people tend to gravitate toward me with these conversations, no idea why – maybe due to the big sign I have on my car, my friendly smile or the camera permanently glued to my hand.

Now this subject is something not generally talked about, to clients or even

Tog to Tog

Every photographer is individual in there pricing structure and our prices are generally based on experience, skill level and final product – this is how it should be! –  but unfortunately is not always the case…let me explain.

Whether you are a photographer just starting out and want to get an idea on pricing, or looking to hire a photographer,this will help you understand why our prices are different…and for good reason (in most cases.)

If you are going to hire a photographer based on price (not recommended) then you need to keep a few points in mind.

  1. Why is it this price?

If a photographer is offering their services for a cheap price, ask yourself why. Could it be they are new to the business? Still building their portfolio of work? – these are ok!! In fact, I highly recommend you give a young photographer just starting out that chance – we all started somewhere right? photography is no different, we continue to learn and grow each day, even if you have been in the business along time.

In some cases its the opposite – and this is what to watch out for!

We don’t just buy ourselves a fancy camera and suddenly have the skill to start a business and charge people, I mean – just because a carpenter has the tools to create a piece of art, doesn’t mean he is going to turn out a masterpiece! Regardless of the tools in his hand – without the skill…its nothing more than a fancy tool you can’t use!

If only the camera did it for you, life would be a breeze right!

A question I get a lot “That’s a lovely picture, what camera do you use?”

Make sure you are buying a professional photographer and not just a hobby photographer who thinks its just about…

Click Click Click

It takes work….drive….commitment and most of all Passion, The passion to be doing what you love, that’s what sets us all apart.

Photography is Art…

Photography takes time, practice and hard work, I didn’t just say one day I am going to start doing photography sessions, I learnt over years – years of having fun with it which turned into something more…then comes the moment where you know you wouldn’t want to do anything else.

My advice – before you hire, Look at their website, read reviews, and look at their work. This will tell you a bit about them and how they work with people. Make sure you like what you see….

2. What is included in the price?

Does the price include your images? post editing time and prints? all these questions need to be asked before you go ahead with any agreement, you don’t want to pay for your session only to have to folk out more unexpectedly for your images or extra time spent on your photos.

My packages include a bit of everything with no hidden costs – in my opinion this is how it should be, It’s nice for your client to walk away feeling happy with the whole experience not just nice images.

If your photographer offers Extras, ask for the price of these before hand.

3. What’s your style?

Now – this is by far the most important!! This is what makes each photographer unique. This is what you should be looking at when you think about hiring a photographer, If you hire based on price and find out later you dislike their style…well its going to be a bit disappointing for you. – don’t do it!!

Being a photographer, when I was looking for a photographer to do my wedding photos….it was a done deal, I knew exactly who I wanted! when starting out in this business you do your research. it’s good business – to know who is offering what in your area, it helps you find your place among them. I hired based on their style, your paying for your memories – you want to look back and be like… wow – feel the day again.

Each photographer has a different way of looking at the world through their lens, regardless of camera, equipment or price….find that style that best suits you as a person and go from there.

So when you next need a photographer…

keep an open mind.

A lot more goes into your photos than the time spent with you….the emails and communication when hiring, pre prep of equipment before your photo shoot, the photo shoot, the back up storage, post editing time, final prep on product, delivery of your product, uploads of work to website, insurance and maintenance of equipment, travel….


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