Dorset…A place to inspire you. By Faye Neal Photography

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Dorset…A place to inspire you. By Faye Neal Photography

I moved to Dorset when I was 2yrs old, not having much of a say in the matter a choice I’m glad my parents made. Growing up here I didn’t see much of what was around me, tangled up in my our life of school, friends and daily drama of a teenager, as a child you don’t take in the special moments that you now value. Dorset is a beautiful place full of adventure, with miles of countryside and coastline waiting to be explored. Living here I am lucky enough to experience this amazing place in all its Faye Neal Photographyglory, through out the seasons, watching the change of nature makes me appreciate and respect this place I call home.

Now married, I get to share my adventures with my husband and daughter, we are all lucky enough to share the same passion in Dorset and being outside…no matter the weather!

Don’t forget the Camera!

As a Photographer…seeing Dorset through the lens and telling a story is what I like to do best. I very much value the small things that make my day great, this has made me a better photographer, a better parent and wife.

Value the small moFaye Neal Photographyments too!

Driving to the local village to drop my daughter off to school, making the 5 min walk up the lane skipping as she holds my hand so tight. As we approach the school gate,
we get a lovely feeling as we walk past the church where we got married last year, its a happy memory we get to live over and over each morning.

Driving down the country lanes in my CRV, not knowing what is about to come round the corner…..a tractor, a car, a huge muddle puddle!

Hearing my husband walking up the path, after a long day at work. As he walks in a burst of excitement that runs from the living room shouting ‘daddy’ greets him, followed by a happy wife and another pair of shoes to trip oFaye Neal Photographyver.

Valuing the smaller things in life has made me see the world very differently, Now as a photographer I see even more, I stop and enjoy moments that would normally pass by way to fast. As a photographer it’s more important to me to see the world with that ‘Photographer’s Eye’ then to spend hours in training learning the technical side to photography. That side comes with practice, but having a photographer’s eye is something you have already, it cant be taught.

Bring your Photographer’s Eye to Dorset! you won’t regret it!

Dorset has it all…whether you are into photography or not, countryside,coastline, woodland walks, beaches, events and festivals. come and see for yourself.Faye Neal Photography

If you live here in Dorset I would love to hear what inspires you about this place?


Or you may have visited?….would love to hear what draw you to this area.


Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts on Dorset.

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Faye Neal
  • Jay Burns

    Lovely post 🙂

    20 odd years ago, just after we got married Hubbie & I fell in love with Canada – the work/life culture, the landscape, the people & even the climate. That was it, plans were made & we were off. I was to be a Production Accountant for a TV company & Hubbie was to continue in IT. Then life threw us a major curveball when Hubbie became seriously ill & that meant all our Canada plans came crashing to a halt.

    I never thought that I would find anywhere that would fill that Canada void – luckily my Hubbie made a recovery but it meant any permanent move was out of the question. Once he was well enough we made trips when we could to enjoy our ‘other life’ as we liked to call it.

    Turns out what I was looking for was in the next county….

    As it happens, a colleague suggested Dorset for a short break away. I am hugely inspired by the adventurer Sean Conway & I knew that he had started his Around Britain Triathlon from Dorset so if he found it pretty awesome it had to be somewhere special.

    Safe to say our hearts were captured just like it had been with Canada & for all the same reasons. From the minute we were greeted in the car park of our hotel we felt welcomed. Everyone you met said Hello with a smile (not avoided your gaze), everyone was kind & helpful & you never felt like an outsider – nothing was too much trouble. The views over the hills are stunning, the coastline just beautiful. People stop in the street to chat instead of passing by & you get a great sense of Dorset pride. The people of Dorset really do make it so special & the landscape is totally an added bonus! Add to that all the gorgeous, friendly dogs (& horses & other animals) I have met & Dorset life is good 🙂

    Visiting has also led to us meeting some interesting new people, some of which are already starting to become friends & that is a really nice feeling. We are also planning our 25th wedding anniversary there as you know.

    So thank you Dorset. Thank you for becoming my new ‘Happy Place’. Thank you for giving me that peaceful feeling as I look out over the hills, the warmth I feel from the genuine greetings, smiles & crazy dog tail wags. Thank you for the start of new friendships & for giving me a reason to pick up my camera & give photography a go (even if it is point & shoot!)

    The other bonus of course is a that a tank of fuel for a Smart car is a hell of a lot cheaper than a plane ticket to Canada!! 🙂

  • Susan Quenneville

    I’m so enjoying your blog Faye and learning all about you and your passion for Dorset, photography, hubby and daughter!! 😍

  • Lisa

    I love views in dorset but most of all I love the people… one of those amazing people I met is you faye you changed my life forever made me realise there are good people in this world love you mate you have come so far keep up the good work xx

  • Lisa Fenderson

    This is a great story! Thanks for sharing Faye. xoxo

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