Event Photography at Buckham Fair By Faye Neal Photography

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Event Photography at Buckham Fair By Faye Neal Photography

This event comes round faster and faster each year – with Buckham Fair just round the corner, now is a good time to reflect on this wonderful event.

This event means a lot to me for many reasons, like most…I attended Buckham Fair to enjoy the shows, fair and atmosphere it brings, but it wasn’t until I Faye Neal Photographystarted working at the fair that I understood what it takes to bring this event to life, and the hard work of the people behind it.

Faye Neal PhotographyFor those of you that don’t know me….this will be my forth year doing the official photography for Buckham Fair, each year I learn something new, meet new people and get to enjoy the many smiles I see from families that are experiencing it for the first time.

2014…was a year to remember for me, having worked so hard on my photography, I got this call – would I be interested in doing some photography at Buckham Fair. Having never done a event like this before, I remember saying ‘you want me to come and take photos all day – hell yes!!Faye Neal Photography

Buckham Fair 2014 was a great day, I learnt so much about this event and what it meant to everyone, it also came with its struggles – being the new member of the team. I had so much new knowledge and could not wait for 2015 to come around. Unfortunately Buckham Fair 2015 came with some rain – a lot of it!! so putting all this new knowledge into practice was a lot harder than I Faye Neal Photographyhad planned, but regardless of weather, everyone still had a smile on their face and that Buckham Spirit.

I love being able to document the whole event and all the amazing things that go on throughout the day. It has taken a lot of hard work to get to where I am today and knowing this event inside out – the excitement is still just like my first day!

The planning of this event is a year long job, the Buckham committee work extremely hard to keep things fresh and new, this well oiled machine has many moving parts that all come together to make this day perfect, I’m Faye Neal Photographylucky enough to get to document it in my own work.

With just over a week to go, I will be starting my own prep – equipment checks, camera cleaning, back up, new memory cards and lots of time scheduling.

All in all – A very rewarding experience, A great story to tell – for a great cause.


Be sure to look out for my ‘Faye Neal Photography Team’ this year….I will have an exciting competition running for you to enter – with the chance to win some of my photography prints – free to enter!

See you there!!

Faye Neal Photography x



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