Getting Off Auto Mode…Let’s Get Creative! Aperture Priority Explained. By Faye Neal Photography

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Getting Off Auto Mode…Let’s Get Creative! Aperture Priority Explained.…

Hello & Welcome back! to ‘Part 3’ go my blog series

Getting off Auto Mode….Let’s Get Creative!

Part 3…here we go!

I hope you have had fun playing around on Shutter Speed Priority, now that you have done ISO ( Part 1 ) and Shutter Speed ( Part 2) you are nearly there in getting off auto mode all together. Understanding the ‘Exposure Triangle’ in photography is a must…once you have this, it will stay with you forever and shape the way you deal with every situation you come up against. If you missed part 1 and 2, you can catch up on them here

Part 1   :-  Getting Off Auto Mode…Let’s Get Creative! ISO Explained.

Part 2   :- Getting Off Auto Mode…Let’s Get Creative! Shutter Speed Explained.

So on to part 3….A for Aperture.

What is Aperture?

Aperture is a hole in your lens in which light can travel through to your camera, its as simple as that! this hole can change in size, letting in more light and less light. In photography Aperture settings are called F stops.

Aperture Settings look like this – 

F1.8   F2.8   F3.5   F5   F8 F11 and so on…

The larger the hole, the more light travelling in. The smaller the hole, the less light Faye Neal Photographygoing in.

So here is where it may seem backward….

The larger the aperture, the smaller the number.

The smaller the aperture, the higher the number.

Still with me?

The Larger the Aperture…Which looks like this F1.8  F2.8  F3.5 the more light flooding into your camera.

The smaller the Aperture…Which looks like this  F8   F11   F22 the less getting into your camera.


How we use Aperture?

So what do all these numbers mean? and how do they work to create the effect we want. well…that is where DOF comes in ( DOF – Depth of Field ).


Using Small Apertures!

DOF is the effect created by the size of Aperture we use, using a small Aperture will create a bigger DOF, resulting in more of your image being in focus. This is useful when you need a lot of the image in focus, like Landscapes.


Using Large Apertures!

Using a large Aperture will create a shallow DOF, resulting in less of your Image being in focus, now its up to you to decide what needs to be in focus. Whats the important part of the Image? are you taking a portrait…well its pretty important to get your subject sharp but the background not so much…creating a blurred background for your subject can make the Image pop out at you, forcing the viewers attention on whats important. here are some examples of shallow DOF.

Faye Neal Photography  Faye Neal Photography



Buying Some New Glass?

Remember – Lenses have different Aperture ranges. When buying some new glass for your camera, keep in mind what you want to shoot with it. Different lenses are good for different things, some have a nice range of use for more than one sort of photography. When a lens has a range on it….F3.5 – F5.6 like the photo here. it means that for this lens, which is a 18 – 105mm the Aperture at 18mm will be F2.8, but at 105mm it won’t be…it will be F5.6. With lenses that have one F Stop on them, it will be that F Stop no matter the zoom.  These Aperture ranges are there to show you the Largest Aperture that lens will go too, the full range will be down to your camera.

And thats Aperture..put simply!

Please comment below with any comments and photos you would like to add. I look forward to seeing them. You have come from Auto to understanding ISO, using ‘S’ Shutter Speed and now using ‘A’ Aperture. Now is the time to put it all together.

We call this Manual Mode.

Please check back for the final part to this series…Part 4. We will talk about putting all these into practice and trying our hand at Manual.

Faye Neal Photography x


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