– Happy Easter – By Faye Neal Photography

– Happy Easter –


I am very fortunate to live down here in Dorset, it is a stunning place full of beautiful views and lovely people. Now that…


Now that the sun is starting to show itself, Gardens are becoming more colourful, Rabbits are making there way out onto the lawn. What will you be doing this Easter Holiday?

Today I’ve been having a some time in the garden, taking in all the new colours to be seen. It’s nice to stop and see what is right in front of you, rather than hurry past going about your daily routine.




We have two whole weeks of our children being off school, and I can not wait! it will be two weeks of getting in as much as we can together. So whatever you will be doing, make the most of this time with family.




Wishing you all a very

Happy Easter

– x –



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One thought on “– Happy Easter – By Faye Neal Photography

  1. Happy Easter to you also Faye, to your lovely daughter and wonderful husband!! It’s raining again today here in Ottawa slowly melting the snow that remains on lawns. The robins have reappeared as have a pair of cardinals feeding at my backyard feeder! The trees are starting to bud and the tulips and daffodils are bravely poking their heads out in search of the warm sunny days ahead. Have no lovely photos to attach but I’m sure that with that creative mind of yours, you can picture the beauty lying dormant beneath the frosty earth! Enjoy your lovely two week holiday!! 💖💖💖

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