How To Get Over Creative Block – A Self Help Guide

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How To Get Over Creative Block – A Self…

How To Get Over Creative Block.

Do you ever sit back in your chair and wonder where the last few hours have gone? Or reach the end of the day and realise you didn’t do any of the things you were going to do…

Well you probably have creative block too…

It’s ok not to be motivated or inspired some of the time, whatever profession you are in. Photographer’s,Artist’s,Writer’s….we can all lose our way…it happens!

So I’m going to share with you a lesson I learnt yesterday, a lesson you would of thought at my age I would of learnt by now, but no….sometimes our minds can get so full of routine we forget to look after our own mind.

“It’s ok to talk about it, you have nothing to be ashamed of. We all lose our creative flair from time to time”

My creative flair is SOOO powerful and important to me! that when I struggle to find it I feel an empty space, this empty space is hard to fill when I am just not in that right frame of mind.

I’ve been in that empty space for the best part of 2019.

Now I can give you the 1.. 2.. 3.. of advice like ‘Take a Break’ or ‘Do something new’ and this has helped some people and that’s great, but we are not all the same. I want to share with you a few things that help me battle my creative block.

My feature photo for this blog fit just perfect! This little snail made its way from one side of the table to the other, this took a while… you can well imagine. About the same time it took me to write this blog with creative block.

#1 Find Inspiration In The People Around You

We all could do with spending more time thinking about ourselves right? well sometimes I find it very helpful to reach out to someone I don’t normally interact with on a daily basis, like a fellow photographer, a friend or even just taking myself to a place I wouldn’t normally go, and people watch while I do my work. You can get a lot of inspiration from the people around you and the people you have small interactions with each day. Another way to find more inspiration is to pay more attention to the people that are around you everyday. Take in the small details, the way they work, the way they move….

My daughter has the most amazing facial expressions when I sit and watch her play! she is always giving me new ideas for projects I can do. The imagination which comes from such a young mind is something we all could do with a little more of.

#2 Dream Big

Now the idea of having a dream you are heading for is good, but life gets in the way doesn’t it? you have bills to pay, children to run to school, a car to fix. But you know what they say right…..some of the most successful/creative minds in the world were all married! lol

So your no different really, we all have other things that will take priority some times.

I always have lots of ideas/dreams I am heading toward, the road is never straight forward, but that’s what makes it worth the fight. I will get to it knowing I earned it!

Keep dreaming, keeping learning new things, keep pushing forward….Knowledge is Power! Everything I do in my life has a purpose, I do it all knowing I’m going in the same direction, all the projects I choose to do is because I want to do them and its a stepping stone to the next, Every photography job I take on is because I feel excited to create those memories for someone, if I’m not learning from the experience or its not a stepping stone in my direction….it’s simple,I don’t do it.

#3 Knowledge is Power!

Ok…you would of never heard me say this at school! I wasn’t the brightest, or most academic. All I cared about was surviving what was probably the worse years of my life. I wasn’t interested in a lot of what they had to show me, the difference now is I can learn about the subjects that interest me, and some that don’t. I choose to pick up a history book, or a photography book, or another photography book.

I don’t just read photography books…

I know shock horror….I do have other interests, but yes I do read a lot about photography, you learn to get away from the normal ‘How to’ photography books and you start to learn more by looking at other photographers work. Reading about what inspired a photographer to do a project is much more of interest to me these days.

I follow a lot of photographers on you tube, I can easily lose a couple hours (maybe more) watching videos of new techniques, new gear, photo battles. I read blogs, listen to podcasts while I drive…now I’m sure the driver next to me is listening in thinking ” that is one hell of a boring radio station”.

Knowledge in new things helps me a lot, it is probably the most important one for me, it keeps my interest and inspiration to do new things alive. I encourage you to draw inspiration from the people around you, make your future plans and dreams as big as you can, and keep learning! as we can never stop trying to better ourselves.

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