My Beginning….A Photographer’s Story By Faye Neal Photography

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My Beginning….A Photographer’s Story By Faye Neal Photography

My first blog post..Hooray!
I’m finally taking the next step and starting to blog.

What better way to start than by going back to the beginning of my photography journey. 

back to 2005…

I was working as Faye Neal Photographya KP on a Dorset farm, surrounded by the amazing views, the overwhelming smells of farm life, this stunning countryside became my world. The beginning of my photography journey.

My first camera was a fujifilm bridge camera, this was a huge deal for me at the time, being able to enough my own money and buy myself something so nice.

I didn’t have much spare time outside of work, so I took my camera with me, I didn’t go anywhere without my camera in my apron! This beautiful place I was in, In the heart of Dorset…Photography became a huge interest, a bit of an obsession. Being a beginner at this art, and owning my first proper camera I didn’t venture off the auto modes, I mean why not…Portrait,Beach,Macro…..the camera does all the work for you. I soon out grow this camera and upgraded to another fujifilm bridge, abit more zoom and adjustable live screen, It actually didn’t do anything more than my first one, it had all these modes on it ……. A S M? no idea at this point on how to use them.

Unfortunately life then took an unexpected turn for me, my health gradually got worse, I found myself with no energy, not being able to eat or drink without it making me extremely unwell, not how a 20 year old should feel, it took the enjoyment out of my job. My photography and my time with family soon became hard, being out with my camera was very quickly taken away, I found myself in a world of my own, with no one to turn too, photography as a hobby was not as important to me as it once was.

After what felt like a lifetime, two years in real time…I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.

Two years of doctors telling me I was anorexic, and food poisoning! what for two years? I think not. This diagnosis came as a shock as well as a relief, after a long time not knowing what was wrong with me.

I had to give my work up, stay after stay in hospital, Op after Op, I decided I was not going to waste this time in my life, I may not be well enough to be out and about but I will not sit around doing nothing with my life. I got my head down and worked hard and home studied for a year and finally achieved my photography diploma, all these modes I didn’t know how to use before, now all made sense!

Photography was back on!

My passion for it was back and only one word came to mind……Nikon.
I Got my first nikon camera, this was what it was all about….having this amazing piece of kit in my hand, that could do just what I asked it, the possibilities were endless….
Faye Neal Photography

I started work again, this time as a PA on a Dorset farm, it suited me well. I could happily do my work and get on with life while fighting the daily struggles of Crohn’s. I had a friend on the farm who loved to horse ride, I would often watch and take my camera along for the ride so to speak! I found myself drawn to equestrian photography and got hungry to know more. This was a huge learning experience for me at this time, well why not…why can’t I do what I love and make it…I mean you got to start somewhere, why not here. My friend taught me so much about horses, how to be around them safely, how they move and when to know when to back off. We would look back through the images together and pick out a few good ones, they were all good to me but to the equestrian world, what makes a good photo? I remember asking.

Well turns out…. a lot.

Faye Neal Photography

The rider, the position of the horse when jumping, the legs…so much, eventually my few good images became 30+ and I was well on the way to perfecting the art of Equestrian photography, she gave me so much information that is priceless, so much courage to keep working at it…cuz one day she said, will pay off!

for this reason and so much more….my photography will now and always will be in her memory.

Remember to keep fighting for what you want, life takes unexpected turns sometimes, but this doesn’t decide your path for you…you do!

the story continues…

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Faye Neal

    Thankyou for sharing your inspiring story Faye….love to hear how people overcome and manage life’s challenges..☺ x Jill from Perth.

  • Penny Blair (Hogue)

    Hey, Faye. Congratulations on your first blog post. Loved it. I’m looking forward to the next one.

  • Faye Neal

    Hi Thank you for your kind comments, I am looking forward to sharing my blog with you all x

  • Dianne Gilmour

    Faye, How totally “AWESOME” is this true story of determination and refusing to let ANYTHING GET YOU DOWN!!! You are an “INCREDIBLE” inspiration to us all.


  • Patty Mazar

    Loved your blog and your story…Hope that we have many more entries from you!! LOVE YOUR WORK!

  • Susan Quenneville

    You are truly an inspiration Faye!! Who knew so much determination could fit in such a small beautiful package!! And wise…far beyond your years, my friend!!

  • Gabrielle

    Faye, this is courageous and beautiful and speaks to the determined woman you are. So proud of you! Great site, by the way. Nicely done!

  • Dee Yoder

    I’m so impressed with your fortitude and attitude! And viewing the photos you take each year at Buckham Fair, shows the talents you’ve honed. Congratulations on your new blog, and many more happy days of photographing your amazing Dorset. 🙂

  • Faye Neal

    Hi Thank you all for your comments, it was nice waking up to reading these today. I appreciate you all taking the time to comment on my blog, I am looking forward to blogging from now on. I will be continuing this story in a part 2. x

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