Spotlight On – Elliot Erwitt

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on my website – yes I’m still here! The struggles of dealing with an invisible illness is that most people think if you look fine –  you must be. Well I only wish it was as simple as that!

But along with the struggles, your creative mind tends to tick by untouched.

Today I would like to share with you a Photographer who’s work I have followed, photography I have admired, stories I continue to learn from. Read more “Spotlight On – Elliot Erwitt”

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Getting Off Auto Mode…Let’s Get Creative! Shutter Speed Priority…

Hello and welcome back! to ‘Part 2’ of my blog series

Getting off Auto Mode…Let’s Get Creative!

Welcome to Part 2, In ‘part 1’ we covered ISO I hope this helped you start to understand your camera more,  if you missed it…not to worry you can read it here….Getting Off Auto Mode..Let’s Get Creative! ISO Explained. Part 1 By Faye Neal Photography.

Now that you understand abit about ISO and how this can show in your pictures, we can start with the first step in getting off your camera’s auto mode. So as before….let’s keep this short and sweet! Read more “Getting Off Auto Mode…Let’s Get Creative! Shutter Speed Priority Explained. Part 2/4 By Faye Neal Photography”

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