Why you need Fresh Brew Marketing In Your Life!! By Faye Neal Photography


Why you need Fresh Brew Marketing In Your Life!!…

When I first started my blog in March…I didn’t Know what I was taking on. Being used to telling my stories through my photography, I realised I wanted to bring people into the stories behind the photographs too. You ask yourself  ‘What am I going to write about’….Photography being the obvious, but do I want to give my readers tips and advice, or tell them the process of a location shoot, my life in Dorset, the people I meet along the way….

well to tell you the truth….all of the above will do just fine!

Every now and again you meet someone that feeds your imagination, someone that comes into your life that changes the way you think….I’m not talking about the people you say hi to while you go around the supermarket, or the people that send you a friend request but can’t bring themselves to say hello to you in person, no….I’m talking about the ones that go out of their way to ask you around for a coffee, the ones that actually care about your day and how your business is going even though their have a hundred things to be doing just like you.

This story is about one such person, someone that has brought nothing but positive vibes into my life since I met her.

Her name is Katy.

I first met Katy when she joined our team at Buckham Fair, Katy kindly went out of her way to meet up and introduce herself, she very quickly got stuck in and made the role of Event Secretary her own. You know those moments when you realise….this is going to be goooood! this was one of those moments.

As I stand looking out of my kitchen window each morning waiting for my brew to…..brew! I scroll down the many posts on my news feed and one always makes me stop and pause…grabs my attention, those catchy headlines.

Fresh Brew Marketing.

Katy founded Fresh Brew Marketing back in 2012.

As a photographer I know my way around a computer, Image editing software and so on, but as a new business just getting on my feet I had come to a stand still…

I have the usual Facebook page, twitter…even my own website, but I didn’t have the know how to get people interested in visiting it. With a website that was limiting and out of date…..enter Fresh Brew Marketing!

Fresh Brew Marketing has it all..

Need help growing your business, taking your online profile to the next level….Katy helped me with my lovely website you see today, she helps you build it from the ground up…giving you the tools to keep it going and taking your business from strength to strength. Katy’s marketing business not only helps local businesses, but she provides her services all over the UK.

Katy’s Services Include :-

Web & Print Design

Brand Consultancy

Social Media

Product Placement

Exhibitor Training Services

Content Management

Bespoke Marketing Services

Web Administration

And Much More….

She also takes her hand to photography,and can provide your company with professional head shots that will stand out from the crowd.

Why you need Fresh Brew Marketing in your life!!

Because it will provide you with priceless information you need to grow your business, Katy can provide packages that suit you.

So what are you waiting for…..Give katy a call for a chat, she will know just what you are looking for.

Creative Minds are a wonderful thing, and when you are in a room with another creative mind….your imagination boggles!

Katy, Thank you for all your hard work an helping me build the website a website I am proud of, I appreciate you and everything you do x

Faye Neal Photography





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